Code of Conduct

Stylor accepts responsibility for all activities carried out in its name worldwide. That holds especially true for decent working conditions for the people involved in the production. We emphasize that responsibility, which extends to all employees who produce for us, irrespective of whether they are employed by us or by our suppliers.


Our code of conduct specifies the following criteria that we regard as being vital to our partnerships with suppliers:

  • all transactions in conformity with legal requirements
  • no child labour
  • no exploitation of individuals or groups
  • no forced labour
  • active care for health and safety
  • freedom to form unions
  • a fair wages and benefits policy
  • acceptable working hours


With a wide range of factories we can produce all kinds of items, at various price levels. We can offer rapid and reliable co-operation with our client. We are able to provide and preserve our high service levels owing to our highly educated and experienced worldwide management, good local organizational structure, and our detailed knowledge of the local market and its possibilities. Our service encompasses two major areas; the first is where we operate as an agent for our clients, developing a tailor-made service and guiding the client through the entire production process from sourcing and ordering up to the correct shipment of the goods. The second area is where we act as a trader, and as such we operate as a direct manufacturer of all sorts of garments and accessories.

As trade globalization gains pace, sourcing from distant countries and new suppliers is a growing trend. Under these conditions, monitoring the production process requires an on-the-spot presence to reduce the risk of substandard quality, discrepancies, shipment delays, and other deviations from purchase order requirements.

Given our extensive knowledge of the world markets, our services provide our clients with significant and substantial added value. Due to our own professional set-up, we can offer rapid and reliable co-operation with our client, and still maintain our commitments.
Stylor has accumulated a wealth of experience in dealing with different factories for many kinds of products, and our business range is expanding all the time. stylor is committed to building and improving our existing reliable supplier network.


Every season we provide and create our own collection on which our clients can directly add their orders or even make alterations on the specific styles/development to match their requirements. To maintain integrity we are very strict that our developments will not create any competition between different parties. If you are interested to see a part of the running collection, please feel free to contact us.